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Polarized 3D glasses

We produce circular polarized 3D glasses, as well as linear ones (0°/90°and 45°/135°), which have grey filters for 3-dimensional slide shows, films, concerts and multimedia presentations. They are perfect for IMAX 3D, 5D Cinemas, RealD and the most modern TV sets.

Thanks to the innovative lenses, an illusion of a three-dimensional display can be created. It happens as they restrict the level of light that reaches each of the eyes. In order to show a stereoscopic picture or video to people who wear them, 2 identical images should be projected on the same screen. For this purpose, one must use orthogonal polarizing filters as well.

We always meet the individual requirements of our clients and, therefore, we provide them with fully personalized products that will be helpful in their marketing campaigns. As the logo of your company or even its website's name can be presented on our polarized 3D glasses, the consumers will memorize your brand more effectively. Undoubtedly, it raises the probability that they will come back to your offer later.

You can choose one of the shapes presented below, but if you have your own idea, it is not a problem for us to prepare an individual project for you. What is more, you can choose between Pantone and CMYK full-colour print. Just let us know what you need and we will follow all your guidelines so as to create the best polarized 3D glasses for you.

Print colours: 1 / 2 / 3 /4 colours (full colour)
Print sides: 1- / 2-side printed
Print colour references: CMYK / Pantone U
Minimum quantity: 20 pcs

Shapes available for Polarized glasses

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Your printed 3D glasses are just one element of the outstanding 3D campaign.

You'll probably need other printed 3D products such as pads, books, leaflets, business cards etc?

We design, convert from 2D to 3D, manufacture and deliver highest quality printed anaglyph promotional products from 1 to 1000000 units. And what's the most important - we'll probably do it faster and cheaper than your current supplier. As well, We offer trade only discounts for advertising agencies, publishing houses and promotional companies.Give us a try and send your enquiry now!

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